Wednesday, August 1

must ... release ... Seuss ... energy

I love me some earth-tones, oh yes I do, and I churn along turning out gray, olive, black, gray olive black ... but deep inside I'm building up Dr. Seuss energy that suddenly needs to burst out faster than you can say three-handled family credenza.

So I made some of these shirts, with purples and yellows and pinks and stripes - course stripes. I'm tempted to make a goofy rhyme, but I will contain that for now. I could, you know, please appreciate my restraint.

Last weekend I went to the Joseph Cornell exhibit in Salem Mass. I want to write about it but it pretty much left me speechless. My experience was quiet and internal, not conducive to fascinating-up my blog. I think my friends felt similarly. We all said we loved it, but only talked a short bit then when back to the rest of the day. It was certainly hard to divorce my experience of it from the rows of mass-produced scrapbooking crap you can buy at any store now. I felt polluted by the crapification of collage.