Friday, September 21

twitterpated, plus moles

secret lentil on twitter

I've decided to love twitter. It only feels a little bit like an arranged marriage. Finding this helped:
"David Lynch @DAVID_LYNCH

Dear Twitter Friends, a mole came to visit & can't seem to get out of the cement area. We're feeding the mole almonds, oats, water & celery. "

"David Lynch @DAVID_LYNCH

Does anyone have any suggestions for additional food for our mole? Thank you very much. "

So, you know, follow me and I'll follow you. Even if you don't like moles.  But they do have cute noses, and apparently sometimes some things deserve a second chance.

Wednesday, September 12

did you ever REALLY LOOK at your hands?

Wow, Photoshopping little shadows out from between your own fingers can get surreal pretty quickly. And as you can see I lost patience and a bit of my forearm as well. But, you know, PRODUCT. Focus on the product. I've made a few pairs of brown gauntlets - they're a mix of new and recycled fabrics, with some linen and plenty of panache.

I have also cut out more pairs in black and olive that I'll have done sometime soon. The brown ones will be in the next update, which should be any day. I also have a few more reconstructed cowl shrugs, a black lagenlook sweater, and ... the Psychotropic Pub Wench tunic, whose current working name is now St. John's Wort Girl. (see previous post)

Saturday, September 8

psychotropic pub wench

uhh, yeah, not much more to say. I made this today.

Thursday, September 6

new website + $20 off

It's done!
The new website is ready.
I'm supergeekily excited about it. This is exactly the site I've been pining for, for years.
I've been slumped over it for weeks, tweaking and primping code.
It's up and running now, plus I'll be adding a new batch of work to it later today.

On the new site you can:
shop! — pay with a credit card or Paypal
save things — keep favorites for later, on your own wishlists
buy gift certificates —  or redeem them — they're digital, easy to give and use
pay exact shipping — or opt out if you are picking up your purchase at the studio
connect — with an account (optional) you can checkout quickly, track the status of orders,
keep multiple shipping addresses, all that good stuff

Also - I want to give you $20 off your first purchase.

Here's the dirt:
Take $20 off your first purchase of $50 or more from

use discount code NEWLENTIL when you check out
one per customer — good only on — expires 9/20/2012

p.s. it runs counter to my entire being to say things like "Take $20 off your first purchase of $50 or more -" even if I'm just typing them quietly. What I do is send a shell of myself out to do the dirty work while the real me curls up in a ball, further inside, and waits for it to be over.  Until I've found a better way to tell you about a sale this will have to suffice.