Saturday, August 27

So, this is happening. Upcycled Secret Lentil on Etsy

50+ upcycled Secret Lentil pieces at super discount prices -
now available on Etsy.
Skirts, shrugs, tunics, dresses, sweaters ...
I'm still adding more.
When they're gone, they. Are. Gone.

Click to see them all.

Sunday, August 21

artifacting: the creation of artifacts.

I remain interested in the creation of artifacts. We are drawn to objects with provenance, with history, drawn to things that show use, wear and repair. We want to see where others' hands have worked, want to place ourselves in relation to those hands, want to be a part of the world of making, unmaking and remaking. To be part of that is to enter the flow of time, without resistance.

The dark underbelly of this is that authentic provenance is often attached to authentic suffering: to people who lived and died so close to the ground that mending and reuse were linked to literal survival. I don't know how to reconcile our desire for such an aesthetic with our dark human desire (think diamonds and gold) to thrive on the fruits of the suffering of Others. I've spent my adult life, mostly in undramatic ways, trying to build a life of right action and connection that avoids as much of that as possible. A life I feel okay about. I'm not able to be heroic about it. I just do my best.

That's what has been milling about in my mind as I consider what to call this work. And that's why I settled on my own word instead of anything connected to other peoples' histories, struggles or traditions: I'm calling it artifacting. The creation of artifacts. I may have offended some people with my radical verb-making, but I'll take my chances with that crowd.

I assert that our desire for a decayed/repaired aesthetic still has intrinsic beauty, appeal and meaning without an attachment to ruthless consumption. So yes, artifacting is a conceit but it's an authentic conceit. It's my beauty, produced from my hands, to be delivered to you for your participation in the good, big flow of life.

Monday, August 1

today in the studio ... fetch me a bucket

Oh I'm sure all the master pattern cutters of the world use bucket lids when they want a big hole in the side of a dress ... probably.

Tuesday, July 26

Before and After, or A Stitch Before Dyeing (booooooo)

secret lentil linen brooches, before and after hand dyeing

I've been making these pins out of layers and layers of linen ... sewing them with my machine plus adding some rough hand-stitching ... and sometimes using rubber stamps that I've carved over the years. This is what they look like all raw and white (and sometimes baby aspirin orange and pink - I had scraps to use up!) and then, poof — post hand-dyeing.

it's okay: hand dyed linen brooch from secret lentil
it's okay: purple linen brooch
with fringe on top

winged skull hand dyed linen brooch from secret lentil
linen brooch with hand stitching
and winged skull

it's okay: hand dyed linen brooch from secret lentil
it's okay: purple linen brooch

pushing:  hand dyed scarab beetle linen brooch from secret lentil
pushing — linen brooch with
scarab beetle and dung ball

Tuesday, July 19

Making Of A Backdrop: The Gif-ening

New Secret Lentil backdrop.
Here's how it happened, minus some swearing.