Friday, October 14

I'm not making this up.

I really thought Mike and I had an earnest conversation about adding giant gelatinous desserts to the backgrounds of pics from our photo shoot with Stefanie. I think it must have been a dream I had after reading, at bedtime, that Salvador Dali's 1973 cookbook Les Diners de Gala is being re-released. (You can pre-order it now.) Well I'm happy to take a Dali dream as inspiration, any time.

industrial strength tunic from secret lentil
industrial strength tunic

twisted sailor dress from secret lentil
twisted sailor dress

linen jacket, tunic and skirt

Wednesday, October 12

Brotherly Love, or "We are an adorably pragmatic family."

I got an email from my brother in Arkansas: there is a birthday gift from him waiting at my local Lowes. Okay, I'm intrigued. For days I wracked my brain trying to guess what he could have possibly thought up. Last night I finally made it there. I gave the woman at the customer service counter the order number.

"What is it?"

"I don't know. It's a gift. For my birthday."

She looks it up on the computer then turns around with eyes wide.
"CHEMICAL GLOVES? That's your birthday gift?" Laughter ensued.

I dyed my hand black.

Then I remembered mentioning in a recent email that I had a glove failure and dyed my hand black. Never again! Thanks Russ.

Sunday, October 2

serving suggestion

hand-dyed artifacted linen dress over wool jersey dress with one very, very long sleeve, plus a necklace made from silk and nice rocks.

Saturday, October 1


secret lentil layered dresses with distressed wool shawl

Friday, September 30

In the studio this week.

secret lentil vintage typewriter and macbook
crucial machines

secret lentil spec sheet
special documents

 secret lentil studio

secret lentil work in progress: wool shawl
work in progress