Sunday, May 20

secret lentil dwarfs the mcdonald's arches in times square

I wouldn't make that up would I? Could I?

Customer / patron / mentor San-D sent her picture into Dove, who featured her, wearing her Secret Lentil jacket, on a gigantic billboard on Times Square. Look once, then look again and take in the scale.

That's right, We're crushing the golden arches. rawr.

Here's a better view of the picture:
San D wearing Secret Lentil

And here is the jacket, before it knew how wonderful a life it would have with San D:
Secret Lentil Maid of the Moss Traveling Jacket
Maid of the Moss Traveling Jacket

Wednesday, May 16

today in the studio ... periwinkle, olive, and, uhhhh –

I can mix whatever colors I want.
So there.
*folding arms, looking tough*

Tuesday, May 1

today in the studio ... stripes!

I've been soaking in linen, and that's been great, but I felt the need for some goofy Spring fun so I ordered in some stripes – they arrived today. Stripes = instant fun. I'll be making a batch of reconstructed pieces with snippets of stripey goodness worked in ... and bright contrasting thread ... good times.