Wednesday, September 19

words words words

I was just interviewed by the blog Fat Chic.

Read what I said about Rei Kawakubo, punk rock, the color white, and my plans to become a moth here: FAT CHIC

Thursday, September 13

i insist: "signage" is not a real word

I just finished making a new banner to hang at shows.

Thursday, September 6

black is black, i want my sweater back.

 I just finished a series of three black cotton reconstructed sweaters. Sometimes it's very satisfying to work in all one color and just focus on shapes and textures.

On the left is a long swing sweater with a single vintage button closure. The center sweater is sculpted and asymmetrical with large floppy extra "leaves" and a pod-like pocket on one side. Third is a cardigan with high waist, flared sleeves and and a ruffly hem.

are you local?

Wow, three local shows in one week. Find me here:
•White Warehouse clothing and jewelry show Fri. Sept 14th 8-11pm, Syracuse NY
You know how cities are supposed to have funky warehouse spaces where exciting art stuff happens? Ok, we've got that. Check link for directions.

•Indie Garage Sale Sat. Sept. 15th 11am-7:30 pm, Utica NY
The nicest people on earth put on "Central New York's only alternative craft event."

•Westcott Street Cultural Fair Sun. Sept. 23rd noon-6:30pm, Syracuse NY (raindate 9/30)
They pick all the chicken wing bones off the sidewalk for this one, people! The venerable Westcott Street is shut down for a day of good fun.