Tuesday, November 25

happy accident

So I just finished a series of pieces based on the Marcel Duchamp painting "The Chocolate Grinder."

Or, I should say, based on what I remember, based on the framed print I have of it, which is stashed somewhere on my back porch along with heaps of books, boxes of audio tubes and files full of job evaluations and insurance paperwork from 1993.

I didn't look at the print first.

It is not brown and gray. Perfect!

Wednesday, November 19

my tattoo is in a book.

I have now held a copy in my hands, and it's true, there it is: my forearm for all the world to see. Of course they didn't tell me it was "A fascinating catalog of visual imagery and personal folly" - ha ha. It turns out I'm proud of my folly. It may be the only thing I can truly call my own.

"Those who realize their folly are not true fools." - Zhuangzi