Wednesday, December 24

fabulosa monstrum venatrix


fabulosa monstrum venatrix is a deconstructed ~ reconstructed coat made from wool, with inset panels of cashmere coating and velvet. It has a sculpted shape in front and back - with the back featuring intentional curves and juts ... plus a variety of dots of black velvet oversewn with sprays of black stitching (one on the lapel, one at the back of the neck, one toward the bottom of the back, and see one under the right sleeve). There are some unmatched buttons and button holes that have been cut adrift on one side, as well as one upside-down pocket down toward the hem.

About the tag, it's a bit tough to sort out in the photo, but I made the tag by stitching "secret lentil" in black thread on velvet. It's low contrast and looks super lush in person.