Sunday, April 14


When I'm not making things I'm ... thinking too much about making things. While avoiding my tax forms this week I suddenly became inspired to write this new About so I'm sharing it here. After I wrote one particular line I said "Yes! That's what I do!" You can probably guess which one:

Hi, I'm Helen Carter. I'm a friendly freak - a minimalist with a strong absurdist streak who likes to make clothes that explore, blend, cross and possibly desecrate all the lines within those realms.  I'm an artist, not a fashion designer. I sculpt clothes.

About the work: I like dour things with hidden punchlines. I like outrageously funny things with dark underbellies. I like turning one idea into one dress in one fell swoop, on a good day. I dream that my work could somehow emerge from - and exist outside of - the blip in time where we are stuck together. I love that idea even though I'm not sure exactly what it means.  I also enjoy making jokes that no one gets. But mostly: I'm committed to the paradox of making meaningful clothing.

About the process: I sew intuitively, blending found and new materials to suit my needs.  I like deconstructing. I like exposing the process. I like to combine the sturdy with the raw. I embrace wabi sabi, even if that becomes a trendy thing to say. Right now I'm working in small themed batches of maybe a dozen or so pieces at a time, made one at a time in my studio.

About you: I'm interested in pairing eccentricity with comfort for you. I'm interested in dressing women of all shapes. I'm drawn to those of you who hear "I wish I could get away with that" whispered into your ear on a regular basis. I want to propel you along on your path by helping you look the way you feel. I'm interested in sincere wildness and joining others who are exploring a deep, abiding wild authenticity.