Saturday, May 25

Secret Lentil Show Schedule 2013

I do a handful of local shows every year, in or near Syracuse NY.  You can also come shop from my teeny studio boutique — The Superette — any time, just contact me.

Tentative Schedule:
June 15th — Strathmore Art on the Porches (confirmed)
July 12th + 13th — Skaneateles Antiques and Craft Show (confirmed)
August 10th — Trunk Show with Secret Lentil, Folk Couture, Michelle DaRin Jewelry and Barbara Bags (confirmed)
October 19th — Salt Market (confirmed)
November 8th + 9th — Delavan Open Studios and Holiday Sale (my studio! confirmed)
December 7th + 8th — Plowshares Craftsfair and Peace Festival (confirmed)
December 14th — Pepper Market  - (confirmed)

Tuesday, May 21

today in the studio: fuchsia double keyholes

black shirt with fuchsia keyholes and cutting table

It's hot in the studio today so I'm cutting holes in everything. This is a shirt with a keyhole in the chest and a larger one on the back. I'm hoping someone has tattoos to show through it.

Friday, May 17

games helens play

Today I'm playing the game where I pretend I have the day off from work but then I stop in at the studio, just to make a few things. It works. I don't get elaborate. I don't, for instance, choose a fake name (Like "Lucinda," the latest in a long string of "people" who come in, strictly on their own schedules, to clean my bathroom). Nor do I don a costume, or pretend I'm French — I just sort of keep my energy light and pretend I happened to drive by and happened to have packed a lunch but I'm really just visiting. "Oh look, is that a sewing machine? Maybe I'll try to work up a little something on it." Like that.

Well look, I wrote the word hubris on a piece of paper last week. I think I was wondering if I am hubris deficient. Sometimes I feel that way. Not about creative leaps, but about business decisions, which were what was supposed to be happening on that paper. Regardless, it's a good sounding word. It sounds like something you'd find on the forest floor after you kicked aside some dead leaves and twigs with your boot. It would be there, mixed in with the wet black soil — a hard gnarled relic now exposed for you to harvest. See? I'd rather make up imaginary meanings for it than procure any real hubris — if it is even something that can be gotten at all.

Thursday, May 16

not actual bunny

not actual bunny but it looks just like this

I was at the studio finishing up some work and packing and shipping things until eleven last night so I could take today off. And what a day off. I did everything on my check list:
  • bake cookies - check
  • take a nap - check
  • see baby bunny in the back yard eating grass - check
Now that's a good day.