Monday, September 30

today in the studio: sculpting wool

Today I'm finishing this sculpted vest made from recycled wool. It's deep burgundy with graphite thread, which will become more clear when Mr. Lentil takes the real pictures of it, but here are a few in-progress shots.

It has lots of textured bubbly free-form stitching, crustaceany shapes, closes in front with a vintage button and also ties on one side under the arms. I wish it was wool season all year round, it's so nice to work with it again.

Though it doesn't quite feel like wool season yet - it's been sunny and in the 70's every day, which only makes people around here suspicious waiting for the other shoe to drop -  but I've been trying to enjoy it anyway.  Mr. Lentil and I spent some time slogging around in the woods this weekend - it was just before sunset and we saw a few deer.

No, this is not a pastel rendering, it's me continuing to be the least patient camera operator on earth.  It was great to feel the ground under me, and see the sun sending searing streaks of light through the darkening woods, then to come to a clearing and stand there with a deer staring back at us, blinking for a long time, considering us, before walking away.