Sunday, January 29


Elise models for us because she's nice. She's also an amazing artist, ardent music and film aficionado,  knowledgeable and dapper vintage clothing wearer, collector of eclectic things (see the dolls and taxidermy she brought to the set) ... and she makes gorgeous handmade dolls as zippypops.

This is Gertrude. I think I love her. I think I love all of them. In person, I can't stop gawking / tugging at their clothes. She makes outfits for each one, often using vintage materials, and they are handsewn with the teeniest lovely details, including French seams! love love love.

p.s. She also (just today) started a facebook page too: zippypops on facebook

Friday, January 20

onward, upward, sidewaysward, spiralward

It took me a little while to start this new year. My work has taken a shift, a bigger one than usual, the kind that required me to come to a complete stop before it would budge again. I had to hold still. I had to just sit there - literally just sit in my chair in my studio - and ask myself what I am doing. Do I still make clothes? Why? Where does this wanting to make things come from? From a void or lack? Or from grace and spaciousness? Or does it come from something more complex and murkier, some precious balance of everything that I am? What do I want to bring into the world next? With whom do I want to share it? I was totally willing to walk away. I was without fear.  I sat there until it made sense again.

So. I have re-started - with fresh eyes and ears and hands - and I'm focused and in love with what I'm making. Of course I hope you are too. I archived my first five years of work and I'm not looking back. I know, I know, it's just clothing, right? What's she going on about? Well it is and it isn't. It's clothing and it's also my art. It's my way of making a path through the world and my way of connecting to it (and you) too. Making clothes for you is both a responsibility and a delight. I won't have it be one without the other. Onward, upward, sidewaysward, spiralward - I'm ready for whatever direction is next.