Tuesday, July 23


Getting tomorrow's batch all measured and name and uploaded and written about ... Color-ama! Details here: http://eepurl.com/CJYZf

Sunday, July 21

21 dollar sandwich


Well, I went to New York City. It was hot.

In short: The textile trade show was mostly a bust - since I'm not a mega-corp who wants millions of yards of ghastly printed fabric from China there wasn't much there for me.  I did buy a sourcing book that pretty much made it worthwhile though, so there's that.

I also paid 21 dollars for a sandwich, which, oddly enough, felt worth it. The gigantic Bloody Mary (with freshly minced jalapenos and onion!) may have influenced that opinion.

I did make it — in an overheated, over-tired, low-blood-sugar stupor — over to the fashion district and attempted a small amount of feeble-hearted shopping. Mostly I just stared at it all and thought "It's so hot, no one will ever wear clothes again, what's the point?" To my credit, however, I did not burst into tears. I was smart enough to snap photos of some stuff I may grab in the future, (online, where there is air-conditioning) and I managed to buy 10 yards of some gorgeous fabric that proceeded to get very, very heavy on the sweaty forced march back to the hotel.

Also, free tote bags.