Sunday, February 22


Hermetic is when you prefer to stay sealed in your own house drinking Sumatran French Roast, right? I thought so.

I skipped a friend's party last night to stay home, drink too much coffee too late at night, watch bad tv and shave my hair off. Ahhhh, February.

p.s. I didn't shave it all off. I used the number 8 attachment and left a few wisps in front to signify "girl."

Saturday, February 7

the weirdness. it's genetical.

My sister (above? no, but she painted that) wrote me a poem.
I'm sorry she insulted your sewing abilities but I still love it.
Dear Miss Lentil dost thou speak of threads and bobbin things?
The clothes you make are destined to bestow on people wings.
Not gossamer not silkiness not chintz not crepe but cotton,
Your fingers weave a dream for those whose sewing skills are rotten.