Friday, April 29

matte, moths and clunky boots

I just started a vision board on Pinterest for a future top secret project. It's an idea that will take some time to build properly. Long-term projects are not exactly my forté (see also, ADHD) but after years of making objects (that can also be worn) in a fairly non-stop for-a-living pace I'm relishing adding on a simultaneous differently-paced creative effort. But right now mostly I'm just having fun putting these images together and mulling over moods and moths and clunky matte black boots. It's satisfying.


"... perspective is an attempt to standardize the metaphor of the depiction of space." — Rackstraw Downes

Today I felt some kind of instinctive animal-y urge to clean up my Pinterest page. Certainly this is the most important thing I have to do, certainly. I deleted a few boards that I now find drab — "Are you sure? Once you delete a board and all its Pins, you can't undo it!" — ummm, yes, I think I can live with the consequences of losing cyber-collections of aspirational mindcrap. I meant sacred aspirational mindcrap, excuse me.

I did want to save these "over here" first though, for posterity or just for my own entertainment. A few years ago I started making quick digital collages every morning while my coffee brewed. Sort of a light, stream-of-consciousness, nonsense-is-best exercise.

And by every morning, let me be clear: I mean four.

Ad Hoc
People like to mention 3-D printers.

"Why, man, he doth bestride the narrow world
Like a Coleslaw."

Sunday, April 24


black dresses from secret lentil clothing

Saturday, April 23

This is what I'm doing today.

And by what I'm doing today, I mean:
I am watching this over and over again.

Sunday, April 10

PURPLISSIMO purple skirts

PURPLISSIMO purple handmade upcycled skirts from secret lentil clothing

I just made a batch of skirts in purple. PURPLISSIMO! Each one is handmade from a mix of new and recycled materials, then garment-dyed to the perfect level of fun. Most of them have a number of pockets and there are always some surprise patterns and details from overdyeing an eclectic mix of repurposed pieces. They are voluminous but lightweight and have a wide comfy waistband made of two layers of stretchy cotton.

Saturday, April 9

Secret Lentil: Now at Magpie Custom Creations!

Great news for Southern Tier New Yorkers:
Secret Lentil is now available at Magpie Custom Creations in Cortland, New York. Magpie is a super sweet little shop tucked into an old corset factory and full of nice handmade things. The perfect spot!

Right now there are clothes in stock, 

 plus cotton armwarmers and linen cuffs.


You may recognize Magpie's uber-proprietress Stacey from around the Secret Lentil customer pages.
She's ... an enthusiastic wearer of the lentil:

Stacey wearing Secret Lentil!

Stacey wearing Secret Lentil!
Stacey wearing Secret Lentil!

Stop in at Magpie next time you're in the area, and tell Stacey that Helen sent you.

Saturday, April 2

Beth Wearing Secret Lentil!

It's Beth! Wearing "Thursday Afternoon."