Monday, February 18

The Introspect Times Seven

Here's the whole first batch of Introspect dresses.

Friday, February 15

introducing The Introspect

A funny thing happened to me in the studio this week. I made one of these dresses. I liked it. Then I made another one. And another. I wasn't bored yet. I made more. By Thursday I decided to give it a name.

So I introduce The Introspect: a short dress with long sleeves. Yes, it has ubersleeves — a feature of which I am inordinately fond. They are overlength sleeves that are made to be scrunched up. Also: they are striped. Could it get any better? I'm not sure. It also has a v-neckline, a very very mildly sloping waist seam, curvy hips and then it's trimmed with a wide bottom panel that tapers in slightly.

I like this design because it's sort of Seussian but also rather earnest. You may be this way too. It's a good way to live.