Tuesday, July 14

apertures, eyeballs and agfas

f.stop series
a dress from my f-stop series

I love old cameras. When I was kid my dad gave me an old Agfa. It was wonderfully dense, with ridged black sides and a lens that popped out with the press of a button, suspended by matte black accordian-folds. It used square 120 film that I would take down to Fay's Drugs to get developed, and I still remember the thrill of discovering I could take double exposures if I didn't advance the film manually.

I liked that cameras mirror our eye functions, I liked how much sense all the settings made, and I desperately wanted to have something in common with my dad - I was getting weary of skeet shooting ...

what does it mean to have enough?
what does it mean to have enough?
Photography is all about letting enough light in for the right amount of time - finding balance while accounting for all the options we have available to us.

So I've been thinking this through - what is enough, what has balance, restraint, and about longing for things we can't have - as I'm making a series of clothes called f.stop. I'll be listing them here as they're done, through the next week or two.