Tuesday, March 25

nothing, or turtles

Not all sunlight is created equal. (Or equally?) Today's sunlight in the studio is the glorious, drenching kind. The kind cats sleep in beams of on wooden floors — the kind I used to lie in on the floor of our dining room when I was a kid, thinking about nothing or turtles and watching dust float around. 

I'm spending the day with Robert Wyatt's Box Set. It's not for everyone, but none of the good stuff is, right? I have it on shuffle, otherwise I'm not sure how I'll ever hear the whole thing. He is good company.

And I'm making things in this lovely soft palette that can only be called Wes Anderson ...  palest gray, muted aqua, mint green, tan, perhaps a splash of yellow ... soft, warm, just a little sentimental and of course I'll add the quirkiness myself as I build clothes out of what could get cloying. I won't let that happen, I won't!

Spring hasn't hit here yet for real - the sun's warmth I'm feeling is still supplemented by the monster metal boiler downstairs, but sometimes we have to get the magic started on our own and wait for the real world to catch up with us.

Sunday, March 2

I will send you a postcard.

secret lentil clothing ... absurdo-existential minimalist clothing for women exploring a deep, abiding wild authenticity and run-on sentences.
As some of you know I'm a bit of a goofball, but I'm a goofball with a dark existential bent. The clothes I make end up just like me — some are Seussian, goofy and light, some are contemplative, earnest and spare ... so when I set about to marketing this little dog and pony show of mine, what side do I reveal? Usually I choose one or the other. This time I got punchy and mixed them both together.

So here is this postcard. It makes me laugh. Would you like one? Of course you'll already be getting one tucked in your package if you buy something (HINT HINT) but if you just want to get a piece of real mail in the mail, in real life, that you can stick on your refrigerator, or lose under the seat of your car, email your name and address to me here with "Postcard" as the subject line. I won't use your address for anything else, ever. The cards are being printed right now and as soon as they arrive, I'll send you one. It will feature my remarkably messy handwriting.

[3.22.2014 - the window has closed on this opportunity!]

Saturday, March 1

White-Tail Tremble

Well you can't see it, but violinist Georgette Nicolaides is wearing one of her Secret Lentil dresses in this Steven Cerio Atlantic Drone video:

video by STEVEN CERIO for ATLANTIC DRONE 's "White-Tail Tremble"- live soundtrack improvisation for MAGNIFICENT PIGTAIL SHADOW from Steven Cerio on Vimeo.