Tuesday, October 14

stoic cocoon vestcoat

I'm irrationally fond of stoicism and notions of self-containment, even when they're obviously flawed concepts and I can see that, and I can see why. It doesn't matter, I still like to feel strong, unflappable, untouchable even - stacked, bundled, separate, with distinct boundaries from the rest of humanity — and I'm drawn to clothes that express that, too — I like being a traveling island or a turtle or a cocoon ... maybe because the artifice-laden realm of style is the exact place to play with such flawed ideas that we are drawn back to, despite evidence, despite knowing better.

So, here is a self-contained stoic cocoon made of black wool. It's a coat-weight vest — made from a mix of thicker machine-fulled boiled wool plus some gorgeous wool coating that has a bit of a lovely sheen to it (the bottom petals are made from this - see the close-ups).  Sewn with black exposed serged thread, no closures, billowy pod shape with graceful waffley-honeycomb panels, and of course, all black.

Available here.