Saturday, March 29

this just in from the HMS Legume

I just got my Top Secret Lentil Advance Notice System - aka mailing list - running. I've been getting so many "When will you make another one like this?" questions that I thought I'd put out an alert on days I'm listing. Sign up - I won't bother you too often.

At the other end, the production end, I'm also trying to make more. More. Must. Make. More. Moving fast doesn't agree with me though. There's a reason I'm so fond of turtles and sloths.

Tuesday, March 25

rock paper scissors

I like getting inspired by objects whose shapes I enjoy. Milkweed pods, turtles, Dodge Darts and other old square cars, rocks. Usually I transmogrify that inspiration into my clothing, but today I started working on a more literal piece: a sculpted handbag shaped like those nice old metal working-man lunch boxes. They are such a satisfying shape. I made a scale model out of scrap paper and tomorrow I'll try out a real one.

I've just about got my mailing list ready to go. Of course I tinkered with it - I would never have my sign up box be blue! I set about mucking with the html - fine, boxes are now gray - but I tweaked it a bit too much and, well, broke it. As soon as I get it re-assembled I shall roll it out to the world. I should stick to paper and tape.

Friday, March 14

oops i did it again

Every once in a while I surprise myself and do the same thing twice. Well, more or less. I just finished this brown and purple babydoll dress with super long scrunchable sleeves. The colors make me very happy.

Late last night Mr. Lentil's eyes felt allergized and we heard geese flying overhead - sure signs of Spring.