Tuesday, March 25

rock paper scissors

I like getting inspired by objects whose shapes I enjoy. Milkweed pods, turtles, Dodge Darts and other old square cars, rocks. Usually I transmogrify that inspiration into my clothing, but today I started working on a more literal piece: a sculpted handbag shaped like those nice old metal working-man lunch boxes. They are such a satisfying shape. I made a scale model out of scrap paper and tomorrow I'll try out a real one.

I've just about got my mailing list ready to go. Of course I tinkered with it - I would never have my sign up box be blue! I set about mucking with the html - fine, boxes are now gray - but I tweaked it a bit too much and, well, broke it. As soon as I get it re-assembled I shall roll it out to the world. I should stick to paper and tape.