Friday, April 13

limeadus camisolia in captivity

Carmen just sent this shot of her wearing her new bright tunic limeadus camisolia, in her lush back yard. And if I'm not mistaken I made that shrug too.

Thursday, April 12

eat, number 4

eat, issue 4

 My friend Dan and his friend Jazz make a zine called eat. I know, isn't that adorable? It really is.

So, what happens is this:  I post a weird meal I made on facebook, Dan gently cajoles me about submitting a recipe to eat, I claim there is no recipe, I just made it up, nothing comes of it. (I cook the same way I sew, rarely the same thing twice.)

Finally he wears me down and I send a few recipes. Months later, my copy of eat arrives in the mail. IT IS FULL OF AWESOME. It is fun. It includes my recipe for Wasabi Deviled Eggs and some chicken dish with a clever name I can't remember any more (It's spicy, with orange sauce and fresh spinach) plus a screenshot of the aforementioned cajoling. I'd forgotten so much of it by the time it arrived in the mail that I got to guiltily enjoy laughing at my own jokes, but don't tell anyone else, because that isn't proper.

Apparently there are other people in it too. You can get your copy of eat right now from their Etsy shop.