Friday, August 28

skirts, this time, blue.

This week's fresh batch of skirts. Handmade. Upcycled. Garment-Dyed. One of a kind. Maybe they haven't been poked and prodded enough. Should I do something else to them? Sautee? Render? Transmogrify? Crunch? Parse?

Friday, August 14

today in the studio ... garment-dyed skirts

Oh, garment dyeing, where have you been all my life?

I have kept dyeing somewhat at arms' length for fear of loving it too much, (Over-Complicating Things is my superpower) but also because precision is not my strong point. Nor is it extremely fascinating to me. I like chance and randomness, surprise and freshness in my work. But the process of garment dyeing has got me hooked right now. It provides just the right balance ... instead of sewing a finished garment, I'm making a raw piece and letting the dye finish it. I'm not trying to get accuracy, I'm trying to get interesting. So far, so good. 

Also it's such a different way to think about color — it's got my brain spinning in a very satisfying way. So here's a skirt I made, before dyeing — trust me, it was physically difficult for me to put those colors next to each other:

 And here it is, all done:

This skirt has sold already but I have another purple one and some lovely squashy-yellow ones that I'm listing today ... plus I'll be making more this week. Cannot. Wait.