Tuesday, March 29

do not disturb

Today in the studio ... I spent the day blissfully sculpting a wool vest - and I used the first precious roundrabbit stoneware button.

Saturday, March 19

cutting black

"For something to be beautiful it doesn’t have to be pretty." - Rei Kawakubo

Thursday, March 10

.... from the "I have the best customers in the world" department

Carole H. just let me know she's going through the Panama Canal this morning wearing her Secret Lentil skirt, and gave me the link to the live webcam so I can look for her. I love my people.

Friday, March 4

today in the studio ... wool pods

Felting wool sweaters isn't a science ... well - if it is, I am not a scientist - and sometimes the poor dears turn out so thick that there's no way I can run two layers of them through my serger. So I've been collecting these orphans - first unwanted and then altogether too shrunked-up - and today I'm carving some into a few pod-shaped bags.

It's satisfying work to piece these together and do a little freeform stitching - and the near silence of the old Adler is a nice change from the constant hum of the commercial serger motor.

Mr. Lentil is taking some pictures later, after he makes lunch for us, so I should have some new work up on the website tonight ... or tomorrow if time won't bend to our will.