Sunday, July 5


Finger Lakes Lavender Festival, Skaneateles New York

Here's the scoop on the lavender fest. It's the Finger Lakes Lavender Festival
It is actually, literally, on a lavender farm - the Lockwood Farm. 

Lockwood Farm, Skaneateles New York

Don't tell them but I would probably pay just to set my tent up and sit out in their fields all weekend because of LAVENDER, of course, but also because it's on Skaneateles Lake

I guess I'll bring some clothes along though. Here's what I'm doing in the studio in anticipation ... Purple ... I'm soaking in it. I'm whipping up a few special batches of things for next week. I dyed a bunch of silk organza to a lush shade:

And I made it all into swirly flouncy scarves. 
Like this, except purple: 
And I'm turning some purple cotton gauze, see the middle heap:

into some Emphella Shells. 
 Like this, only purple:

You should go too. If you live somewhere else you should move here this week. Hurry!