Saturday, May 31

Stefanie wearing Secret Lentil!

Stefanie wearing Secret Lentil

Stefanie FountainTiger wearing her Olive Emphella Shell at the ever-gorgeous Landmark Theater in Syracuse, NY. Not that the theater is more gorgeous than Stefanie. I would never even hint at that, not even a little bit. If you squint into the gold ornateness at her wrist you'll see that she's wearing a Secret Lentil cuff too.

Friday, May 30

long stripey pod-shaped dress

This dress sold from my studio before it got a name so I guess it's doomed to be "long stripey pod-shaped dress."  Anyway, I just wanted to show it off. It has adjustable slip straps and it's made of linen.

Wednesday, May 28

Marilyn Wearing Secret Lentil!

Marilyn wearing Secret Lentil
This just in - Marilyn in her new Fuchsia Pink Emphella Shell. Yay!
Photo: Dee Astell

Tuesday, May 27

Parachute Something Husk: The Corinne Edition

linen lagenlook Parachute Something Husk by Secret Lentil Clothing

I just made this Parachute Something Husk for my studio neighbor, the inimitable Corinne.

She brought me the bricky red linen, so it's not a color I can reproduce for you but I just wanted to show it off. There wasn't quite enough of her material to make the entire thing so we chose some just-zany-enough gray and gray striped linen for the trim, with matching graphite thread. Good times!

Tuesday, May 20

thoughts on words on clothes.

As a middle-aged lady with a punk aesthetic who was also once (ahem, three-times) an English major I have a strongly ambivalent relationship with text on clothing. I've always hated logos — there are very few entities on Earth I care to advertise for on my body (it's my BODY) — but I cherish words. Words are everything! They are power and magic, they are how we meld our minds together, they are really the best thing humanity has churned out. Well, that and ice cream.

I have been putting words on a few things here and there. On the Glompad bag:

And, yes, I put my own name on a thing once in a while ...

but I'm sure you'll agree: I've been so dang prudent. I want to do it more, I'm always stifling the urge to, honestly, but I feel a great responsibility to do it well, to do it right, to not fall into the cultural (and aesthetic) pitfalls that are rife in a world where children wear sweatpants that say "Princess" across their butts and people who put out a line of t-shirts consider themselves fashion designers. Narrative abuse is rampant! Words deserve our care.

So that's what's on my mind. Here's my Pinterest board. I'm building it but it's ... very slow going. I see much that I hate and get a spark of excitement when I see it done right. I'm following that spark and seeing where it leads me. Let me know what you think. And feel free to suggest additions but be prepared for my wrath of fussiness — it knows no bounds.