Monday, July 28

lush plush.

There's a whole lotta good plush on etsy. I grabbed a coveted Treasury today and curated a lovely bunch of stuffed things.

Artists, by etsy name: nimoy, debivanzyl, girlsavage (thanks for the picture), dkoss2, spidercamp, curster, mummysam, Quirkles, ObeyMyBrain, herzensart, beccajo, catsmiaow.

Sunday, July 20

that's Mister Pot Roast to you.

I got sick. A horrid stomach virus whose details shall not be discussed here.

But upon my recovery I bounced back with a rabid desire for some disgusting food. We chose Ihop. I felt like I hadn't been out in the world in ages (perhaps because in my mind, Ihop = 1986.) The menu looked gigantic, daunting. The lighting harsh. It felt dangerous.

I ended up ordering a mildly healthy spinach salad but ate half of Mr. Lentil's strawberry cheesecake pancakes. For a brief magical moment I really wanted the Senior Pot Roast, thinking it said SeƱor Pot Roast and not just tough meat for the elderly. In conclusion: maybe I should not have been allowed out of the house yet. But I feel fine.

Tuesday, July 15

I come by it natural-like.

 I just got done processing pictures of my latest batch of clothes, the highlight being my first Secret Lentil Luxe piece: The Maid of the Moss Traveling Jacket. Oh dearie me I'm happy with this. It's cotton and linen, made of lots of greens and purples and sewn with miles and miles of freeform meandering thread. I picture someone wearing this and shrinking down really teensy-like, walking in between fronds of moss, sweeping out pebbles and spraying the moss with a mister. 
 I don't do as many drugs as you might think.

Monday, July 14

Blueberry Scones with Lime Sugar, or do not bake while tired.

Mark my words: if you aren't awake enough to follow a recipe, do not bake. If you get half way done and say "Oh, that's not baking soda ..." maybe you should have just watched someone cook on tv instead. So, I mixed my powders and sodas, only sort of measured the butter, mauled some berries beyond recognition and made a few of the scones larger than whales.

Still, they came out pretty dang good. I used girlsavage's recipe for raspberry scones to make the blueberry version with our first summer blueberries. And I topped them by pilfering spidercamp's suggestion for lime sugar. Yum.

Sunday, July 13

lyle love.

 I have a little Lyle Lovett problem. Well it isn't a problem, exactly. Even back when he married JR my then-coworkers knew enough to have me sit down before they broke the news.

Here's a sewing/portrait I did of him a handful of years ago. It took a while to find the right jacket for it but now it's wearable.
The only problem is that it seems to be haunted - I wear it once and it immediately goes missing in my house for months. And no, the problem is not my messiness. Ahem! How dare you suggest that?

Friday, July 4

i see weird people.

It's true: I only make clothes so I can play with other people I meet on the intarweb.

Here's the feedback someone, above, left me for a skirt she bought on etsy. (Reminder: today is July 4th.)

oh, beauuuuuutiful for spacious clothes, for layers of earth skirt!!! For helen's creativity and prices that don't huuuuuuuuurt! Se-CRET lentil, Se-CRET lentil, my clothing feels so freeeeeeeee! And wear her good clothes like you should from sea to shining seaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!