Monday, December 20

winter kitchen, winter reading

Tonight's photo shoot is courtesy of my kitchen. When we first installed our Joe Strummer lightswitch my friend Jeff leaned toward it, squinted, and said "Yes, that's good, you want to have it where you can see it every day."  He was right.

I bought myself some books. I just gave away my copy of Art and Fear but not before replacing it with a new copy plus another for another artist friend. It's the best book ever. I read parts of it every day. It's hard to explain why - it's so basic that it's difficult to describe. Not self help-y, but very helpful. It's simple and direct and puts everything in the right place.

I also chose The View From The Studio Door: How Artists Find Their Way In An Uncertain World as it's written by one of the writers of Art and Fear. And then I went berserk and got Twyla Tharp's The Creative Habit (darn you Amazon and your free shipping) on the the premise that I just might be mature enough now to learn from someone so disciplined. I know, I'm laughing too. I'll let you know.

Wednesday, December 15

hold my calls.

Zena in last week's snowstorm.
The never-ending stupid anxieties of self-employment are partially tempered by my ability to declare a snow day before it even starts. Tomorrow is already canceled.

Actually it will be a work from home day.  Mr. Lentil took a bunch of pictures of my newest work, so I already measured everything and have a whole heap of new clothes and handwarmers to list on my website, as well as all the ingredients for apple crisp.  I'll be wearing my slippers and drinking too much coffee, and after everything is listed, working on some new designs. Take that, snow. Now all I have to do is get home in it tonight.