Friday, January 20

onward, upward, sidewaysward, spiralward

It took me a little while to start this new year. My work has taken a shift, a bigger one than usual, the kind that required me to come to a complete stop before it would budge again. I had to hold still. I had to just sit there - literally just sit in my chair in my studio - and ask myself what I am doing. Do I still make clothes? Why? Where does this wanting to make things come from? From a void or lack? Or from grace and spaciousness? Or does it come from something more complex and murkier, some precious balance of everything that I am? What do I want to bring into the world next? With whom do I want to share it? I was totally willing to walk away. I was without fear.  I sat there until it made sense again.

So. I have re-started - with fresh eyes and ears and hands - and I'm focused and in love with what I'm making. Of course I hope you are too. I archived my first five years of work and I'm not looking back. I know, I know, it's just clothing, right? What's she going on about? Well it is and it isn't. It's clothing and it's also my art. It's my way of making a path through the world and my way of connecting to it (and you) too. Making clothes for you is both a responsibility and a delight. I won't have it be one without the other. Onward, upward, sidewaysward, spiralward - I'm ready for whatever direction is next.