Friday, July 20

goal setting for rebellious sorts

The phrase "goal setting" makes me plug my fists into my ears fast, and yell "Nah nah nah nah I can't hear you." It's involuntary, like breathing, or eating cake. I actually use the sentence "It's important to set goals and meet them" regularly - as a running joke.

But I have to get some stuff done. I'm trying to figure out how to stock up for some upcoming shows and stores that want to carry my clothes. Okay, okay, so I know how, but somehow haven't been able to wrap my brain around it. I've gotten used to making a few things at a time and putting them right up on etsy.

So I asked Mr. Lentil for help. He said "Well this sounds stupid, and don't get insulted, but the answer is that you need to make more." How is it possible that THAT helped?

It did. It broke me free, just enough, to make this into a project I can picture, replacing the gelatinous blob of indecision that is so often my brain. Thus I re-learned a forgotten lesson: turning something into a hands-on project is almost always the way to get started. I drew a picture of each category I want to make for shows. Please note: I cannot draw. Plus I typed out the word for each category and laminated each one with packing tape. Then I picked goals for quantities and counted what I have in stock. Now I'm sewing and it all seems manageable and good.

See, I just used "goals" in a sentence and it didn't hurt at all. I almost didn't notice. It was, kind of, fun.

(I like any excuse to use my old typewriter. It's a 1940's Smith Corona silent portable.)