Saturday, February 2

sink in and tinker.

I've got a new wave of bag-making fever. I've made a few and plan to dig into my boxes of salvaged leather to make some more. For inspiration I dug through my archives to peek at some bags I made before I really got rolling on this whole full time maker/making gig.
These are three I made by a combination of weaving and sewing. The brown and purple one is made from wool and purple cotton jersey - it came out really well but I would never be patient enough to make another. I don't know how real weavers do what they do.

I also found a sort of bag-making manifesto called "dreams of bags" that I barely remember writing. As usual I was struggling with how to stay calm and get work done - ending with "sink in and tinker."

It's not a big mystery. You just have to sink in and tinker.

Why is this so hard to remember every morning?