Thursday, February 14

it's a DIY thing.

My interview in the flagship edition of DIY City was posted today. DIY City is an online mag put out by the fine folks at DIYthing. Each issue will feature a city, and although I'm removed from New York City they were kind enough to squeeze me in. It's quite an impressive undertaking!

I was interviewed by designer Lori Sandstedt of lorimarsha. Lori's also a reconstructer and I'm a big fan of her work. I just love that so many people can reconstruct clothes and have completely different styles. Where I'm cottons, solids and earth-tones, Lori is laces, plaids and patterns, West Coast sunshine and ripe fruit. She makes clothing, handbags and gorgeous chunky jewelry. I'm happy to have Lori as part of my informal online support network. She asked some great questions and being the grand overthinker that I am, I got all carried away answering them. I do hope you'll read the interview.