Wednesday, February 27

look out - i will surely get "your goat"

I'm on day three of an incredibly calm productive stream of sewing. My secret? Very. Little. Internet. Time. I banned myself from the etsy forum, and I haven't looked back. I've finished 4 dresses, 2 tunics, 2 shirts and a few shirts. I've tried some new draping experiments and made some very different pieces from my norm. And even though it's snowy I churned out a few bright Spring dresses.

Oh, say, did I mention that I'm the spawn of Satan? I do searches for deconstructed clothing now and then to see what's out there. I just found this lovely piece of Reefer-Madness-esque propaganda from an LDS church "Image Integrity" site about the evils of deconstructed clothing. The best part:

Deconstructed clothes are purposely intended to visually communicate unwillingness to conform to looking "nice" as was once enjoyed. The looks are pridefully and immodestly, "in your face," for the purpose of getting attention, getting "your goat," or getting "the edge."
Wow, I feel so bad-ass now. I admit, at 43 I'm still mildly thrilled at being so misunderstood and judged. The best part is that they don't even seem to know what deconstructed means. It's sort of perfect.

For the record, I have nothing for or against the LDS church. Mr. Lentil holds a Philosophy degree and enjoys inviting their nice young elders in and chatting them up. Once a few of them shoveled our driveway. Plus, they put on a fantastic show.