Saturday, May 9

urban pioneering: City Market

Tent, check. Tent walls, check. Tent bags, check. Goofy hat, check. It's time for the first show of the year. As much as I love all of you cyberpeople there's no substitute for meeting real humans and having them play in my clothes in real life.

With ... ugh, real weather. Well, we'll see. I'm trying to cultivate a pioneer spirit about the whole thing. I know how to build a fire and catch fish and make boondoggle lanyards. I could have been a pioneer — in a climate that doesn't go above 74 degrees Fahrenheit. (Sorry dad, I have become a city person.)

And so, I'll be at City Market tomorrow in downtown Syracuse NY. I am fairly super excited about this new venture. It's a monthly market this year for the first time, from May through October. It's a blend of handmade things, art things, antiques and food — a nice mix. I've made some lovely fun clothes for it and if I can manage to 1. get up at a pre-set time (I'm a bit feral in that department) and 2. remember how to put the tent up maybe I'll see you there.