Friday, April 11

that's meta

I awoke with good intentions this morning. Mr. Lentil and I had coffee then walked around our city park assessing Winter damage — we need the Civilian Conservation Corps to reunite and fix the stone wall around the pond — and watching Spring try to make a comeback.  A few weeks ago someone posted a photo on our neighborhood's facebook page — wait, I have to stop right there. It's hard to toss out a phrase like "our neighborhood's facebook page" and pretend to do it without acknowledging the wave of modern self-consciousness I feel right now. Yes my neighborhood has a facebook page. But it gets better. In the photo, the entire landscape was newly snowless but still damp, brown and dead. And there on the arc of a barren hill was a turkey vulture eating the carcass of a frozen turkey. As my friend Allison said: that's meta.

The good intentions involved the tax preparation that waited patiently back in my office. I imported some files, shuffled a few papers around furtively, then felt an urge to collapse on the couch where apparently I have been for half the day. Oh silly brain.  I'm awake now. Coffee is on. There's no stopping me, probably. Plus I have cookies.