Sunday, April 20

If Spring, Then Emphella Shell

Who among you remembers the Emphella Shell? *raises hand tentatively*

I love mine so much. I wear it a lot. I have a cropped cardigan that sometimes goes over it, and leggings and a skirt for underneath. It's easy, just a bit dramatic, super comfortable. And a lot of people who bought them came back for more. The problem is, I hate making them. DON'T TELL ANYONE. 

But a few people wandered into the studio last week and inquired about their return, then someone online did as well, and honestly *I* wouldn't mind one in another color, so okay, I'm making some more. I'm picking colors now.

I'm thinking of FUCHSIA PINK! That's right, fuchsia, the word the internet insists can be spelled fuschia. Plus I'll make some more in olive green ...

and of course, black.

None more black. I'm still browsing through fabric, so I may surprise you with another color too. And I'll try not to complain while I'm sewing them.