Saturday, November 24

viva la fickle-fest

I made the piece on the left about six months ago. I sold it. Then lots of people asked me to make them another. I said no. I'm kind of a jerk ... or maybe just stupid. But I'm always propelled forward by the next work that wants to emerge from that tenuous combo of my brain and the materials - I can't help it. Back-tracking is a drag. It feels like trying to recapture a moment we should have just savored, and I can't get energized by that. Bear in mind that you're talking to someone who didn't have pictures taken at her own wedding - see I'm not just a jerk to you, I'm a weird purist who is interested in experiencing without sentimentalizing.  It's nothing personal.

(I just watched this TED Talk on the different ways we account for happiness, and how much of it hinges on the difference between how we experience things and how we remember things. Daniel Kahneman explained this in a way that made so much sense to me. It also explained why I don't like vacations. And also, he talks about colonscopies and happiness! I recommend it.)

My point is:  look, I made another one! More or less. Does this make me more of a jerk? Don't answer that. A few days ago I looked at the purple one and suddenly another version made all the sense in the world. The new red one has a sculpted collar but it's pretty much the first of cousin of the purple one. And no, I won't make you another one. Unless I do.