Sunday, November 11

Secret Lentil Holiday Sale 2012 - is coming

So, this is happening! I'll be opening up my studio and the teeny Superette shop down the hall for a holiday sale. I'm in Syracuse New York. I'll have lots of clothes, tons of handwarmers to fill out your gift list, snacks, gift certificates, and hopefully there will even be some oddities to pick through in the sale bin.

And it's not just me - a bunch of other artists and makers in my building will have their doors open too. Painters, photographers, sculpters, beaders, surface design people, printers, glass workers ... plus there's an art gallery downstairs. Come in and walk the creaky floors of the Delavan Center.

If you want to you can rsvp on my facebook event page. It's optional but if you do it I get to squeal and say "Oooh! Someone's coming!"  I hope to see you there - helen