Wednesday, June 27

you're safe under the desk as long as you keep drooling, right?

I've spent much of the afternoon protecting my dog Monk from the thunder. So far, so good. If only there was room for him AND my legs under the desk.

Although it's thunderstorm season and in the 90's I found myself thinking about cold-weather dresses today. Last year I made some with thermal cotton and cotton knit sweaters and I'm looking forward to starting some more.

Here's one from the vault - with some of my now vanished vintage red and black brocade curtains. This was one of my first spiral sleeve experiments.

As soon as I finish re-arranging my sewing space I've got some sweaters ready to chop up, in blue-greens and coral that I can't wait to play with. Normally I'm anti-blue (blue being the favorite color of fathers and landlords) but these made the grade.