Wednesday, June 20

Black Hole Sundress

The Black Hole Sundress is done, as well as a small batch of things, all gray and black.

I will indeed have a booth at the Nolita indie designer's market in Manhattan this Saturday. I feel so sneaky, having managed to schedule this the same weekend as The Vision Festival. If I pack up quickly enough Saturday night I hope to see a few folks I've seen play before - William Parker with the Eddie Gale All-Star Band, and Sabir Mateen in the Whit Dickey Trio.

All the painters and poets and writers inspired by jazz used to seem forced and weird to me. It seemed, I don't know, derivative, maybe. When I started seeing live free/avant jazz that all changed. Now I get it. When you create things yourself, especially in the safe shell of your own home, and then you see people doing it collaboratively, spontaneously in front of you and for you, you can't help but be moved.

p.s. 6/25/07 A woman from Finland bought this from me at the market in NY. She said "it's so nice, the way it curves around, it's like I'm wearing a flower."