Friday, September 2

Please admire my new bowl.

Pretend my hair is less messy. Thank you.

I just got a new bowl. Oh my goodness. It's so lovely. When you can't touch handmade ceramics ahead of time you can't really ... know them. As soon as I picked this up out of the box I knew I wanted to live with it for a long time.

Marie Nagy of  Kilnmaster Pottery made it. I know from chatting with her that she often uses a technique called soda firing, which is responsible for the gorgeous luster inside this beast.


May I also add: packing ceramics is probably also an art, at least when you do it as well as she does. And yes, I looked it up: some of the soda involved is soda ash, just like you use for affixing dye to fabric with fiber reactive dyes. *sings "It's a small world"*