Sunday, January 17

Peak Chaos Day

The studio overhaul continues. I think yesterday was Peak Chaos Day but I won't know until today happens. The walls are, say, 88% white now, and almost everything is heaped in the middle of the studio, and some other things are strewn out in the hall. I sewed while Mike painted up until a point then we had to give in to the necessary chaos and both work on the overhaul. Today we'll start to figure out how we want to rearrange and then tomorrow, and perhaps it's a blessing, we're supposed to get a snowstorm, so maybe we'll just stay home and shovel and eat chili while we mull over our next moves.

We aren't just putting the place back together, we're building new ways to work - on sewing plus other things. (You'll see!) I keep telling myself that since I used to run this "business" out of my dining room surely there's room to do more in our spacious warehouse studio. I'll let you know in a few days ....