Tuesday, September 29

new this week: upcycled skirts, dresses tunics

Okay so by this week I mean last week. I spent the weekend in New England and now this week feels jumbled up already. I did learn some crucial things on my trip though:  RV's have the worst typography, ever.  I'm rapidly approaching stop-at-every-rest-stop age. The "H" in Amherst is silent.

Also, there is freedom in just stretching whatever way you want in a parking lot and not caring what anyone thinks.

So this is what I made last week:

upcycled tunic with stripes and prints from secret lentil clothing
Wallflower, Interrupted. Upcycled tunic in, ummmm, you better just look

plumilicious purple upcycled skirts from secret lentil clothing
plumilicious: purple skirts: handmade, upcycled, garment-dyed

pumpkin spice upcycled dresses and skirts from secret lentil clothing
pumpkin spice — yes, I did it. One tunic, one skirt, one dress.

upcycled dresses from secret lentil clothing
enfolda, down by law, and billoweta: upcycled dresses

Some of these are still available on my website - take a look.