Thursday, October 31

today in the studio ... Utaupia

in progress: Utaupia — military-surplus-meets-Lynn-Yaeger shell

I have had this striped taupe and ivory fabric kicking around for a while. It's linen with a fairly high lycra content, so it's a bit rustly and bustly and needed a design that matched it's feel and weight. While digging through my collection of old belts I realized it was a nice match - it pushed the whole thing into the realm of the parachute or other faux emergency preparedness-wear. So I made this: Utaupia. It's a military-surplus-meets-Lynn-Yeager-inmydreams shell that has billows, tucks, a belt for one strap, a crustaceany side panel and lower along the other side, a drawstring for scrunching things up (not in place at photo time).

I finished it. I stared at it. I had a bit of stripey material left. I thought: okay, now this needs the WORLD'S MOST GIGANTIC MATCHING TOTE BAG to go with it. So I made one. It's bulbous. It's gargantuan. I'm kind of smitten with it. More pictures soon. -helen