Friday, September 2

space monkeys and jackhammers

I have been showered with onderful surprise gifts today for no apparent reason! There was a knock at my door early this morning - my friend Karen stopped by with a super lovely space monkey pillow I had been admiring on etsy recently. Now I know why it disappeared, she bought it for me! It's from bonspiel whose work I have admired for a long time.

And then this afternoon my friend Shaerie came to visit. She's in town from the other coast and is the owner of the magic fabric / sewing space Sew L.A. She is a proper sewist who follows rules and teaches other people how to as well, but somehow she manages to be friends with this old scofflaw.

It turns out that the photos of me using my cheap crappy scissors have been irking her to no end so she brought me a pair of Ginghers. My first real pair of scissors! They're spring loaded and so precise and wonderful to hold.

I am grateful for my wonderful thoughtful friends.

In other news,

construction out my studio window is in full force. I can't pick my nose or run around naked in here, there are men out my window! I'm not saying I ever did, I'm just saying, now I can't.