Monday, October 11

Dear 221, No one will ever love you as much as I do ...

So I'm moving to a new studio. Just down the hall from mine. I've been on a list for a while, and it turns out that the space I'm getting is better than I imagined, both for creativity (nice shape, nice light, good colors) and for practicality (better heat and AC options, more windows that open, near nicer bathrooms!)

Well I'm not good at waiting.  This morning as I got dressed I realized I was already picturing arriving at the new studio. You should see how neat and organized it was! But sadly there are still other people working in there. The nerve.  So I swept by and took a quick picture. It's blurry because I'm not a very good stalker. At the end of the month 221 is all mine.

 Beams in the hall. I love this old warehouse.