Thursday, August 28

this is the time.
and this is the record of the time.

I worked through a valiant round of tag making this morning. No wonder I put it off, it takes forever to churn out a new batch. Plus I have to tuck in all the nice dry fabric and get out the gooey tools. But tag day is always a good chance to pause and be proud that I am forging ahead, to acknowledge that I've used up a whole bunch and apparently I have enough faith that in the coming months I'll sew each one of these onto a new creation.
In other news: Syracuse. I complain about my city a lot. It deserves it. But I am thrilled, yes thrilled, to report that we have a new local fabric store. And by local I mean it is not a chain. It's in the Delavan Center, the artist's warehouse space where, conveniently enough, Mr. Lentil works.

Normally I use all recycled materials, but I admit they have caught my eye. I skulked in carefully, fearing that by the name alone (Feminine Touch Fabrics) they might kick me out immediately. But no. The owner Linda introduced herself, shook my hand, didn't gawk at my tattoos and promptly took me on a tour. They. Have. A. Warehouse. Full of fabric. I had many moments of bliss. I picket out some wonderfully inky-black stretch linen (sounds tacky but it is not) and a nice big remnant of coral cotton jersey. I'm not a big fabric hoarder, but they are nearby and as soon as I use this I will be back. If you're local, let me know and I'll meet you there. I mean it.