Thursday, November 22

japan makes more than cute toys and sushi.

I just spent some time reading The Cutting Edge: Fashion from Japan.

"Just spent some time," of course, is code for "I read it in the bookstore cafe then dutifully re-placed it in it's correct slot on the shelf." I may not be spendy, but as a former employee, I never leave piles of books on tables.

It's one of the few fashion books I've found that has a satisfying discussion of fashion and art. Of course it covers Rei Kawukubo, Issey Miyake and Yohji Yamamoto, plus Junya Watanabe and Jun Takahashi. (Wow, when did I learn to name-drop mouthfuls of Japanese designers?)

I was happy to read a bit more about Hanae Mori as well. I used to own a very sweet smocked dress of hers - vintage 60's, complete with naked fairies and snails.

I sold it a few years ago, so now I'm left with these pictures and the burning question "why - why wasn't I patient enough to iron it before I took this close-up?"